Mix of Materials

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Mix of Materials

Many garden room buyers opt for a single material exterior finish on all walls. However, the trend is shifting towards a more diverse selection of materials. Many homeowners are now choosing low-maintenance options such as a composite cladding board for less visible walls, while selecting premium materials for the more prominent elevations.

This approach is not just practical; it also opens up aesthetic possibilities. Combining various colours, textures, and profiles can yield a building that’s both visually captivating and uniquely styled.

In this superb example the clients selected a trio of cladding materials to achieve the garden room’s distinct aesthetic.

The render elegantly frames the recessed front wall, where a panel of vertically fixed Western Red Cedar cladding sits next to aluminium-framed bi-fold doors. The Cedar’s natural reddish-brown hue contrasts beautifully against the white render.

For the side and rear walls, maintenance-free composite cladding was chosen, fitted vertically and colour-matched with the door and window frames. This harmonises well with the garden’s fences and the adjacent pergola, providing a stunning backdrop to the planting in the new borders.