With 10 years experience in the Garden Room Industry our in house groundworks team handle the complete works necessary for a robust Garden Building.  

Offering a turnkey installation service, you’ll have the peace of mind of one company handling the whole project for you, including the connections to the mains services.  This is a cost efficient solution – you will know the total price of the project beforehand.

Reinforced Foundations

Our garden rooms are built on a reinforced concrete foundation.  We believe this is the best method to build a permanent garden room, you wouldn’t build a house or a rear extension on anything other than a strip foundation and concrete slab, so why compromise with your new garden room building.

We protect your garden by laying trench covers before we start the ground works.

  • There is no void under the building avoiding nesting rats and foxes
  • No decking is required outside the room, which can become very slippery
  • As there are no pockets of cold air under the building there is less heat loss
  • A great solution for a site on a steep gradient
  • Reinforcing the foundation with rebar has a high compressive strength
  • Great for rooms which require a stable base ie. gym, weight training, dance studio – a concrete base avoids the bouncy floor effect.

If the site chosen is surrounded by any trees that have protection orders on them, extra consideration has to be taken when planning the foundation system so as to take account of the root systems eg. piling.

Trench Lines

Excavations have to take place to accommodate the piping for the connections to the mains supplies. If you are having toilet, shower, kitchenette, basin you will need a water supply and foul pipes for the sewerage to be buried in a trench line, we also include armoured cable and Cat6 data cable.  The longest trench line we have done to date is 65 metres.

Connections to Services

Depending on the requirements, we connect to the nearest manhole and install inspection chambers if necessary.  This work has to be signed off by Building Control, we make all the arrangements for you to ensure a stress free service.

Pumping Station

A pumping station needs to be installed if the falls are not adequate, this will be checked as part of the Site Survey.  We prefer this option to using a macerator.