Insulation is the key to keeping your Garden Room warm

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Insulation is the key to keeping your Garden Room warm
When researching Garden Room suppliers, one of the most important question you need to ask is “how much insulation does the building contain?”
We asked one of our clients who had an annexe built by us last year, how warm was your garden room during the recent cold snap December 2022, here is what they said:-
“Our building is very warm and a lot of people have commented on how warm it is. Apart from the towel rail in the shower room we did not put the heating on until the beginning of November, due to the position of the building we are fortunate to have the sun most of the day to the front which helps but the building keeps the warmth in for hours, given the high insulation installed.
We have the heater thermostat set to 20 degrees from 7am to 9pm our thermometer in the building is generally constant at around 22 degrees so the heating is only switching on occasionally, having said that the outside temperature has not been above freezing lately and down to minus 4 degrees which doesn’t seem to have an effect to the inside temperature.
We do not have any heating on after 9pm and the inside temperature has not dropped below 18 degrees at night which is not uncomfortable at all and the heater only takes about half an hour to reheat the room in the morning.  We couldn’t be happier”.   Gary Mason – Bournemouth, Dorset
All EGR Garden Rooms include 90mm slab insulation in the roof, 90mm slab insulation in the floor and 140mm insulation in the walls – this results in lower running costs. To achieve a height within permitted development of 2.5m, this is the maximum we can put in the floor and ceiling, which is a superb specification.  For a building used for sleeping/living accommodation such as an annexe which requires planning, then more insulation is fitted per building regs and the height of the building is increased accordingly.