Garden Office - Richmond


A practical garden office built for our client who works from home.
Our client wanted a garden room which has a concrete foundation to avoid foxes and rodents nesting underneath in her suburban garden.
This garden office measures 4m x 3.1m, it is clad in dark brown Cedral Weatherboard.
“We have been using the office since Ben left and absolutely love it. My husband woke up at 4.30am yesterday and instead of trying to get back to sleep he padded down to his office and started work – by 11am he had hit all his targets for the day!The biggest change for us is that it has effectively created an extra room for us in the flat. When family recently stayed with us with children, they had the front room entirely to themselves and my husband was able to get away and work instead of the 50 interruptions per day.Its fair to say that we are 100% delighted with the office.”
– M. Weatherall, London