Garden Annexe Revisited

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Garden Annexe Revisited

We recently went back to visit a client who had a Garden Annexe built in July 2018, to see how they have settled in and how their life has changed.

The couple decided to build an annexe at the bottom of their garden for their mum after they searched long and hard for a property with an annexe but couldn’t find anything suitable, they quickly discovered that properties with annexes are in short supply.  They also looked into buying mum a small flat nearby but that option was double the cost! After much deliberation, they found a suitable chalet bungalow which had a garden large enough to accommodate an annexe at the bottom without loosing too much lawn area.

They chose us to design and build the annexe because they wanted to use a local company which had excellent reviews from previous clients.  Designing a new building which is bespoke is an exciting option, the client has lots of involvement in choosing the layout, windows/door placements, kitchen, bathroom and flooring options.  After many reiterations the floor plan was agreed and the planning application submitted to the local council, the client didn’t know much about the planning and building control rules but we handled everything for them.

After having a look around, we had a chat about the process and I asked the following questions:-

  • What are the benefits of living at the bottom of your son’s garden?  She replied “It is lovely to be closer to the family especially the grand children and I really feel part of family life, I help with the children’s breakfast, school runs, babysitting so there are lots of benefits for the whole family.”
  • Has it made a difference to your quality of life?  She replied “I have some back issues so I am very pleased to have no stairs and a walk in shower, it feels like my own private space and I couldn’t be happier.”
  • How did you feel about the build process?  She replied “The build time of 6 weeks was so quick, the furniture was moved in the following weekend and I moved in straight away, the guys on site were all so polite and helpful and I am so pleased I chose EGR.”
  • Did the annexe tick all your boxes?  She replied “Yes, I was worried it may not be warm enough, but as each heater is independent I can put them on when required and during my first winter I did not needed them on much at all – just a bit to top up the temperature in the evening and early morning, so I am really pleased.
  • Does it feel like home?  She replied “Yes, when I pull down the blinds at night, it feels like my own private space, it is all I could have asked for.”
  • Would you recommend EGR to others contemplating a Garden Annexe?  She replied “Yes I highly recommend EGR, so friendly and helpful on every level”.

Building an annexe in your garden really does add a unique selling point to your property, as potential buyers in the future may also be looking to house more than one generation, an option which is becoming increasingly popular, not only to look after older relatives but for young adults struggling to find deposits for their own properties.

The size of the building was 54 m2 and with a build cost of £92,000 including a sedum roof, all groundworks/connections and aluminium bi-folds, this is excellent value for money.

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