Air Conditioning - don't loose your cool

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Air Conditioning - don't loose your cool

Installing an Air Conditioning unit will give you control over the temperature in the building all year round offering both cooling and heating. Air conditioning systems are made up of two parts – one unit sits high on an internal wall; the other sits on an external wall which can be discreetly positioned on a side or rear wall out of sight (see below).

The unit has wifi built in so you can control it via an app on your mobile, which is very easy to use. It also has a movement sensor where it powers down if no one is in the room.

Although more expensive to install than electric heaters, air conditioning units are extremely energy efficient therefore you will save significant money on your running costs.  For an electric heater 1kw of electricity will produce 1kw of heat where as most AC units give returns of 6kw heat output for just 1kw of electricity.


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