Our Bespoke Rooms

Our bespoke garden rooms are built to the highest specification and highly insulated so they can be used all year round.

We offer a complete turnkey solution, our prices include foundations, heating and electric connection to the main house, we have no hidden extras.

We offer advice on the planning regulations which may affect your garden building, if your garden room requires planning permission we can liaise with the planning department on your behalf.

We can arrange Building Control inspections during the build process, our garden rooms are permanent structures and comply to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010.  This is important when coming to sell your home as the garden room will be included in your property valuation if it has been inspected and signed off by Building Control.

We use a warm frame construction, in which part of the insulation is on the outside of the building creating a warm envelope ensuring maximum heat retention, saving on running costs.  We only use treated CLS timber which has been structurally graded and pressure impregnated with Tanalith E treatment for external use.


We offer a Turnkey Solution. 

The following services are done by our own staff as part of your project :-

  •  Drainage
  •  Trenching
  •  Connections to manholes or foul lines
  •  Installation of new Inspection Chambers
  •  New Water Supply
  •  Installation of Sewage Pumping Station if the fall is not adequate
  •  Electric connections from your existing fuse board to the new building

The above work is covered by Building Regulations and will be signed off by our Building Inspector

The Foundations

Our garden rooms are built on a reinforced concrete foundation.  We believe this is the best method to build a permanent garden room, you wouldn't build a house or a rear extension on anything other than a strip foundation and concrete slab, so why compromise with your new garden room building.

We protect your garden by laying trench covers before we start the ground works.

What are the advantages of a concrete base :-

  • A reduced dig creates an internal floor to ceiling height of 2.15 metres
  • There is no void under the building avoiding nesting rats and foxes
  • No decking is required outside the room to cover the void area, so if you wish you can step straight from your garden room onto the lawn, this saves you the additional expense of decking and avoids ongoing maintenance of the skirting around the building and the decked area
  • As there are no pockets of cold air under the building there is less heat loss
  • A great solution for a site on a steep gradient
  • A concrete base, we believe this is the best form of construction for a permanent building
  • Reinforcing the foundation with rebar has a high compressive strength
  • Great for rooms which require a stable base ie. gym, weight training, dance studio - a concrete base avoids the bouncy floor effect.

The reduce dig and reinforced foundation is completed within 2 days.

You will never see decking around an Executive Garden Room, our rooms are 100mm above ground level so you can step directly out onto grass, paving or stone.  Why pay extra for decking when it has a short life span and becomes an ice rink in the winter.

Photo no. 9, shows a newly laid concrete foundation, overnight the foxes were investigating to see if they could find a new home to nest, I bet they were disappointed.


The Floor

On top of the concrete slab, we lay a further damp proof membrane and 100mm of insulation, moisture resistant chipboard and finished with your choice of flooring.

We offer a variety of choices of flooring, engineered wood flooring, tiles or laminate.


The Walls

Clad in Cedral Weatherboard with its 'A2-S1,do' rating for fire and its painted finish which will not fade, it is a practical, maintenance free, contemporary product which comes in various colours.   Fire safety is extremely important, especially if the building is to be used for sleeping accommodation.

The walls are 200mm thick and contain a total of 140mm insulation and sheathed in 18mm OSB (3) structural board, we use a warm frame construction method in which 50mm of the insulation is on the outside of the building, this ensures that the timber frame remains within the warm envelope.  This also offers higher thermal mass and excellent heat retention.

We offer the highest specification wall make up in the garden room industry.

Resilient bar is included allowing the wall to be de-coupled from the vibrating surface which will reduce both vibration and impact noise penetration to substantially improve the sound insulating qualities of the wall, this is ideal for a music room or recording studio.

The walls are then finished internally with 12.5mm plasterboard which is plastered and painted with 3 coats of Dulux emulsion paint, this created a contemporary feel with no ugly cover strips on show.

The Roof

Our roofs are based on a flat roof design, they are built with a warm deck construction. 

As we build our rooms from scratch on site using a substantial traditional timber frame system, our structure can take the weight of a 3-layer torch-on bitumen roof system.  We are one of only a few garden room suppliers who use this long-established roofing covering system.

The roof is finished with 3 layers of torch on mineral felt totalling 8mm thick.  The roof structure contains a total of 100mm PIR insulation board, 18mm OSB (3) structural board, 12.5mm fire resistent plasterboard which is plastered and painted with 3 coats of Dulux emulsion paint.

All our flat roofs have a 17mm per metre fall to comply with Building Regulations.

We can install various sizes of Velux Roof Lights, these can be fixed or opening, controlled by remote and  include rain sensors, blinds can also be fitted within the unit, especially useful if the garden room is to be used for sleeping accommodation.

We install guttering to the back of your garden room to a single downpipe to a water butt.

The roof has a 10 year guarantee, although will last a minimum of 30 years.

Sedum roofs can be installed, for them to have longevity they need to be installed correctly - see image 6, 7 & 8 to the right.

Windows and Doors

We offer three options for our window and doors :-

  • Excellent quality UPVC in various colours, see below for detail.
  • Aluminium windows and doors.


Doors are fitted with a multi-point lock and conform to PAS 23 & PAS 24 performance standards.

Windows are fitted with shootbolt locking.

We have various colours of door/window handles to choose from.


UPVC double glazed windows available in ten standard colours manufactured with Veka, featuring unique 8 point SAC locking system.

Sliding and French Doors feature Yale 10 point high security locking system, anti-lift bolts, 3 opposing steel hooks for maximum strength and centre dead latch for ease of operation.

Double glazed sealed units are energy A rated using Pilkington K glass argon gas filled with a 1.5wk/m U value.

All window and door products feature Q-Lon weather seals guaranteed not to shrink stretch or rot, the 99% memory foam improves both thermal and acoustic performance. 


All our garden rooms come fully wired and connection from your house to the consumer unit in the garden room comes as standard, no outside contractors are required.

On completion of your garden room a Part P certificate is supplied to you and your local authority.

The following items are included in our price :  Integral consumer unit, dimmer switch, power sockets,  LED down lights (internal & external), smoke alarm, external security light with PIR.

Popular upgrades include Security alarm, Cat6A data point, TV aeriel, Telephone connection.

To complete the contemporary feel to your garden room, we fit either wall mounted panel heaters with thermostatic control or air conditioning units which provide both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, an excellently efficient way to control the temperature all year round.

All items listed in your quotation are positioned to your requirements.


The u-value is the rate at which heat is lost through the floor, walls, roof and glazing.

Each element in the construction such as the plasterboard, insulation, and cladding has a u-value.

The lower the number, the more efficient.

The best quality and long term value garden rooms should be built to Building Regulation standards.

The 2010 Building Regulations state that the u-values for new buildings should be:-  

Floor 0.22   Walls 0.28   Roof 0.18   Windows/Doors 1.8


Floor  0.21

Walls  0.18

Roof  0.15

Windows/Doors  1.50 (double glazed)   0.80 (triple glazed)