Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my garden room cost?

We do not have a standard product because each garden room is bespoke.  The price varies on the design you choose, the amount of windows and doors, distance from your property etc.  After an initial telephone conversation we can provide you with a guide price and offer a site survey, from which we will prepare a full quotation

As a rough guide prices start from £1,200 including vat per square metre (depending on specification, location and size)

Do I need Planning Permission?

Click here to find out

Do I need Building Control?

Building Regulations do NOT apply if:

  • The internal area is less than 15m2
  • If the Internal area is less than 30m2 and is not within 1 metre of the boundary

Building Regulations DO apply if:

  • If you require a toilet, shower or basin to the mains sewer
  • If it is self-contained or a living accommodation
  • If the building is 30m2 or over

Our buildings are permanent structures which comply to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010 (Statutory Instrument), other garden rooms on the market are temporary structures and comply only to the Mobile Homes Act.

Beware - many garden room companies claim their products "comply with current building regulations” when they really mean "our buildings do not have to comply with building regulations”.  It is cheaper for a company to build a garden building that does not comply with the current building regulations, but often they cost the same.

Garden rooms that are not built to building regulations will tend to have thin walls, floors, ceiling, minimal insulation.  Purchasing a garden room which does not comply with the latest building regulations will cost you much more in the long term. They will be more expensive to heat, minimal insulation and no air flow will result in moisture entering the structure - often reducing the life of the actual structure and damaging internal contents. The building will sweat in the summer months and be uninhabitable during the winter.

Why do we build on a concrete slab foundation?

  • A reduced dig creates an internal floor to ceiling height of 2.15 metres
  • There is no void under the building avoiding rodents and foxes
  • No decking is required outside the room to cover the void area
  • As there are no pockets of cold air under the building there is less heat loss
  • More solid base = more durable, we believe this is the best form of construction for a permanent building

Who will be onsite during the build process?

A company director will be on site throughout the build, we have an excellent team of professionals to do specific trades i.e. electrician, tiler, plasterer, roofer

Will the garden room add value to my property?

Our buildings are built to a high specification and will last for many years, they are permanent buildings and will add between 75% > 100% of their cost price to the value of your property

What are the payment terms?

  • 25% when the order is placed
  • 25% on completion of the foundations
  • 40% on completion of the structure, doors and windows
  • 10% on completion of the build
  • We also offer a 30 day retention

What guarantee do we offer?

We are accredited members of the IWA, who offer comprehensive deposit protection and insurance backed guarantees on our company 10 year warranty.  For more information on the IWA click here.

What is the lead-time?

Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks from placement of order

Can I have a toilet/shower room?

Yes, but in most cases building regulations will apply